The Down Diaries: Vol.1

Hey. Welcome. We’re stoked to have you.

It’s particularly cool that you’re here because this means you’re ready to do something. This means you’ve been looking for a solution on how to make donating to nonprofits easier, and it’s possible that we’re the answer.

That’s dope. But what you’re doing is much bigger than just that.

Sure, mindlessly donating is awesome. I mean, we mindlessly do lots of things; sing, tap, spend, eat, eat, and eat. So, adding social good to that list almost makes you some kind of superhuman. As if you’re… unstoppable.

Okay. Let’s not get carried away.

This kind of thing we’re doing, Down to Donate, only works if we’re all in it together. Sure, you can boast over drinks about how you just signed up for this cool, new service that’s founded by two incredibly charming and talented young ladies, but what difference does that make if the person you’re telling that undeniably wonderful news to doesn’t care?

Well, here’s where you step in. It’s now your job to make them care.

If you’re anything like us, you’d sprinkle a couple facts on ‘em. Something like:

Bet ya didn’t know the majority of all donations in the U.S. are made by individuals, and around $400 billion are donated every year.


Did you know a nonprofit’s support base is made up less than 10% of recurring donations? Don’t you have, like, eight different subscription services already?

We’re a little sassy, so feel free to add your own friendly twang when it comes to spreading the word.

Today, this is the most information we’ve ever had available to us. And in the fastest amount of time. Tomorrow will out-do today. And the day after that will out-do tomorrow.

It’s our responsibility to educate the people about issues that both, directly and indirectly, affect us. This doesn’t have to be a political thing. It doesn’t have to be a look-at-me-I-donate-to-charities kind of thing either. Although, we think the whole being-humble-about-giving-back thing is kind of dated.

It does, however, have to be about being aware. But more importantly, doing something, even the smallest action based on that awareness.

You know what our goals are, and they’re honestly not that outlandish. We just need a few good people who are passionate about equality in order for this platform to work.

We’re pumped for what’s next. Keep on signing up.

Monica Weintraub

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