PODCAST: How to Realistically Live a Sustainable Life with Kristiana Tarnuzzer

PODCAST: How to Realistically Live a Sustainable Life with Kristiana Tarnuzzer
kristiana tarnuzzer the cause bar how to live sustainable life

We get it.

Buzzwords like “sustainable” and “eco-friendly” start to lose their appeal after learning, in reality, how hard/expensive it can seem to make the switch.

We’ve laid out some suuuuper simple ways on how to realistically live a more sustainable life here. And the best part? All of ’em revolve around merely consuming less, and that’s free.

But actually seeing or listening to someone who implements those practices into everyday life always helps spark that jolt for those of us reluctant or scared to take the leap.

We really can’t blame you. It seems overwhelming, time-consuming, and even more expensive to support the brands that actually do give a damn. Especially with holiday giving coming up, you might feel even more pressure when it comes to putting your moolah where it matters.

And, hey. It’s possible (and totally normal) for you to even question whether one person buying one eco-conscious thing can truly make a difference.

As usual, we’re here to give you the very cheesy reminder that yes, it absolutely can.

But what’s more, is when you start to turn those little actions into habits, your peers tend to take notice.

This was indeed the case of our guest this week on Good Work FM, Kristiana Tarnuzzer, founder of The Cause Bar

What started out in 2018 as an LA-based digital and IRL community resource for supporting sustainable, ethical brands as well as conscious and impactful experiences, is quickly shifting into a program designed for aspiring philanthropists.

kristiana tarnuzzer the cause bar how to live sustainable life

Kristiana has made it her beeswax to focus on community service in both big and small ways, whether it be co-founding a New York City-based nonprofit and taking international mission trips, or simply just having her kids wrap birthday gifts for underserved children.

With her decades of experience in supporting conscious brands and trustworthy nonprofits, she is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to making a social impact of any size.

Beginning January 2020 The Cause Bar will undergo a powerful shift in igniting transformative change via a new initiative for aspiring philanthropists, appropriately named Set The Bar – a referral-based program designed to cultivate and ignite your authentic personal mission and method to giving while aligning you with tailored and curated social impact experiences.  

Listen to this week’s episode of Good Work FM to see how she got started:

How You Can Help

If you want to be a change-maker like Kristiana but lack the time or resources, then sign up for your charity subscription with Down to Donate to get on the path of micro-philanthropy.

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