Holiday Guide: Gifts for the Conscious Consumer

Holiday Guide: Gifts for the Conscious Consumer


It’s that time of year again when we break out the stretchy pants and struggle to find a way to watch old VHS’s on a new big-screen TV without causing a family fight.

The holiday season is here, folks. But it’s not just any old end-of-the-year roundup. We’re heading into a brand new decade.

As you prepare a speech for your nosey Aunt on what being “self-partnered” means, you’re probably tempted to shop by the influx of ads for those Black Friday/Cyber Monday “Door Busters”.

Potential credit card debt aside, we think shopping holidays are total bullsh*t and equally outdated.

Considering it’s the day after we all take time to focus on what we’re supposed to be thankful for, it seems a bit contradicting to impulse buy a bunch of material items.

Not to mention, Black Friday just doesn’t align with the values of a good portion of our generation, period.

We’re the pioneers putting big-box stores out of business. The legends who strictly support companies that give back. We’re even inadvertently taking down the mayonnaise industry.

If millennials are “killing” certain boomer-approved industries, there’s probably a good reason for it: they’re harmful to our communities and planet. Or just unattainable because, you know, things like a 2008 market collapse.

But, hey! Who’s counting?

By opting out of Black Friday, you aren’t just avoiding potentially getting trampled to death, you’re also giving a big NOPE to the system.

That being said, gift-giving is a love language, a form of showing appreciation, and a fine art.

In an attempt to avoid having to hibernate until Spring, we’ve created a Holiday Gift Guide for the Conscious Consumer so you don’t break the bank or compromise your morals.


Shop Local

Shopping local helps stimulate the economy of your community and is our favorite way to consume without lining the pockets of the corrupt.

You may save a few bucks at Walmart, sure, but at what cost? Not only do they create waste and try to make their greed come off as being moral, but they also treat their employees like total garbage.

Local business owners prove ’em wrong by turning a profit while supporting other local businesses, creating jobs, donating to non-profits and overall having a lower negative impact on the environment.

You’re essentially gifting everyone in your community when you shop small.

We’ll call that “community service”.

Shop B Corporations

Like most of your struggles, we get it. Not everyone has the privilege of creating only a mason jar’s worth of waste annually, brewing their own kombucha or whatever else those overachievers do, let alone being able to only shop local. 

Luckily for all of us, a bunch of national companies are hopping on board with combining profit & purpose.

If you must buy from a big corporation, buy from ones that meet the “B” standards.

These companies have gone as far as making it their legal obligation to have the most sustainable practices possible, meaning they take a microscope to their methods and monitor their impact on local communities and the environment. In short, they’re using business as a force for good.

Check out this B Corporation registry to find out who’s on the naughty or nice list.

Gift Experiences

It’s no secret that our generation appreciates experiences over material items. We’re giving consumerism a makeover and we ain’t mad about it.

Instead of gifting items that’ll get stuffed in the back of a closet, or worse, re-gifted to another friend, try giving your buds tickets to stand up comedy or movies, classes, lessons or other experiences that someone may not have purchased for themselves.

After all, we’re human. And what humans really want are memories, connections, and to be tagged on IG when we look good.

Gift Sustainability

Not-so-fun fact: Between Thanksgiving and New Year, Americans produce more trash than normal. 25 million additional tons, to be exact.

Being that we’re the most wasteful country in the world, that’s ALOT of extra trash.

Encouraging people to adopt more conscious habits can be tricky. That’s why we suggest getting real sneaky and gift presents that’ll help jumpstart your loved ones to live a more sustainable lifestyle. 

We suggest a Zero Waste Kit for your trash-lovin’ loved ones. Not only does it benefit them in an educational sense, it benefits the environment.

Greta would be proud.


So take this holiday gift guide for the conscious consumer, pass it around and, give the gift of knowledge.

What’s more, giving doesn’t need to be isolated to the holiday season.

Give the gift of giving by signing up your loved one for a subscription with Down to Donate. For $8 bucks a month they’ll get to handpick one of our non-profit partners to donate to and if they’re real indecisive, they can split their donation between up to 3 different non-profits.

Still need convincing? Listen to our podcast with Kathy Terry, founder of inLieu, on why we should be gifting donations to nonprofits instead oh traditional gifts.

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