What is this thing?

Down to Donate is a charity subscription platform. We like to think of ourselves as a stepping stone in helping you become a philanthropist. Go ahead and add that to your resumé, big shot.

Why are there only a few nonprofits to choose from?

You know when you go to a restaurant, and they have a million different menu items, and you get so overwhelmed that you just end up going with the same old thing? Yeah, that’s what we don’t want. Our goal is to introduce donors to the classics, the new, and under-the-radar nonprofits that need our attention, while not making your anxiety flare up. If you have a suggestion for a nonprofit you'd like to see us work with, fill out this form. Or, if you're a cool as heck nonprofit that wants to work with us, fill out this form.

Will you eventually be adding more causes/nonprofits?

We sure hope so!

How did you choose the nonprofits you partner with?

First, we started with the Sustainable Development Goals, or SDG's. There are 17 in total, and they focus on the most pressing world issues like ending poverty, reducing inequality, providing health care access, and spurring economic growth all while tackling climate change.

By using SDG's as the base in which causes were important to us, we started reaching out to nonprofits who tackle one or more of these SDG's. Saying we did extensive research would be one helluva understatement. We dug deep in learning which nonprofits provided both maximum transparency and results. We wanted the majority of our partners to be on at least a national scale, so the reach of your $8 goes further. Don’t get us wrong, we love grassroots organizations, but we wanted to work with organizations that weren’t too big or too small.

How much of my $8 goes to the nonprofit(s) I choose?

A cool 95%. We’d love for it to be more, but credit card companies aren’t necessarily the most charitable of businesses, and to make this work, we gotta pay the suites and ties. Not to mention, running a website ain't cheap.

How much of my $8 goes to Down to Donate?

Out of that $8, we get a smooth .38 cents. Yep! That’s all we walk away with, and it goes right back into keeping our website easy to use and beautiful.

Why $8?

Fun fact: Down to Donate’s founders spent years living in China. In China, the number 8, pronounced “bā,” is considered the luckiest of all numbers, representing prosperity and ongoing wealth. This falls in line with us wanting to share a small fortune, and turn it into something that can make a big impact. Plus, it rhymes with “donate.” 😎

Can I donate to more than one nonprofit?

Oh, heck yeah you can. In fact, that’s what sets us apart from all of the other charitable giving platforms out there. You can choose from up to three different nonprofits to give your $8 to, and you get to manage it all in one cool place.

So that means if I donate to two or three nonprofits, each get less than $5?

Yep, after the credit card fees are taken out, and we get our .38 cents, there will be $7.09 left over. That can be divided between 1, 2, or 3 nonprofits of your choice. It doesn’t seem like a lot, but keep reading and check out our goals to see how big this can be.

Can I change the nonprofits/cause I donate to every month?

You bet. In fact, we want you to diversify your dollar. Just log in to your account, go to “manage/change my subscription,” and choose a different nonprofit to subscribe to. Wham, bam, Tomahawk slam.

Why would I not just donate directly to these nonprofits?

Dayuuuum, Daniel! If that’s what you want to do, do it! By all means, cut us out of the equation. All we want is for you to be donating regularly, and if we can facilitate that in any way, we’ve done our part.

However, after some serious investigative research, we learned a couple of things that bummed us out:

  • Nonprofits get so much sh*t if they use donor money for anything besides the cause itself. While it sounds like common sense to want all of your donation to go to the cause, this actually hurts nonprofits. This means nonprofits have limited resources when it comes to advertising, hiring/keeping the best staff possible, maintaining their websites, and so many other things they need in order to have the highest reach. When for-profit industries use money towards these things, no one cares, and they go on making billions. By increasing their recurring donor base with our subscription service, we can help them cover their overhead costs so they can go on spreading the word about their incredible missions.
  • Most nonprofits don’t have the time or resources to give as much appreciation to their donors as possible, especially the ones who just have a little extra to donate.

That’s where we come in. We want you to feel how much you’re appreciated while simultaneously diversifying your donation, even if all you can give every month is less than $10.

Not to mention, recurring donations make up less than 10% of a nonprofit’s support base. Help us help them change that.

What are your goals?

Who are you? Our high school guidance counselor? Jk.

If people are as politically concerned as they claim to be on social media, then we can raise $10,000 a month for each of our 15 partners. That’s $150,000 every month going to nonprofit’s that make this world a better place. Next stop: Mars.

That’s pretty ambitious, can you guys really do it?

Fun fact: there are 18,000 new Facebook profiles created every hour. Yeah, we’re not as ubiquitous as Facebook as far as social networking goes, but that’s the point. We need only 20,000 subscribers every month to meet our goals. That’s like a tiny town in Arizona! Or a busy highway in New York. We’re not trying to be the biggest and the baddest. We just want people to put up or shut up.

Is Down to Donate are registered 501 (c)(3)?

Nope. We’re just a couple of gals that have a vision. But we're working on it! Not to mention, it’s pretty hard to register to become a nonprofit without having board members, a treasurer, and some other fancy job titles. So if you guys know anyone….*whispers*, call me 🤙

Alright, I’m interested, but how do I know how my $8 will be used?

Like we said, we’ve partnered with some seriously awesome nonprofits. They’re so awesome, they’ve agreed to provide us monthly progress reports of how your donations are used. Once you sign up, we’ll send you a monthly round-up of what was done with your money. The name of the game is “transparency,” baby. And we're in it to win it.

After I subscribe, are you guys gonna blow up my inbox with tons of emails asking for more money?

Noooooo. Maybe. Alright. You caught us. But! Only under the rarest of occasions will we send you an email asking to donate a little extra. And that’s only if you opt-in to receive updates about urgent crisis’ that could really use an extra few bucks. Other than that, we will respect thy inbox.

I really want to sign up, but I see you guys don’t have my favorite cause/charity on your site.

No problemo. Suggest a cause/charity you love here. We will do everything in our power to make your social change dreams come true. In the mean time, just go donate to them regularly and spread the word about Down to Donate!

I’m a nonprofit that wants to partner with you kind folks. How do I do that?

Oh, hey. Nice to meet you. Apply to be a partner here.

I want to donate anonymously, tell me how I can do that.

Well, we don’t really share your information with anyone in the first place. We’re the only ones who can see the account information you enter. Also, we kind of think the anonymous thing is a little old school. The world is literally on fire. Now is not the time to be humble, Karen.

Three words for you girls: Tax. Write-offs.

Yeah, yeah, we know. Once we have 501(c)3 status, you'll get your tax receipts and whole lot more.

Does Down to Donate accept Bitcoin?

We want to. Really bad. If you're a developer that can help us set up a recurring payment for bitcoin, we'll give you a big ol' smooch. HOLL. ER. AT. US.